Class Descriptions

Ages of children in class descriptions overlap. Enroll in the class that is best suited to your child’s developmental stage and your parenting needs.  Topics are examples and may change based on the composition and needs of the individual class.  

Infant Class (Pre-Infant - 12 months): 
This class covers a variety of topics of interest to a new mother. Examples include social and emotional development, feeding, attachment and bonding, infant firsts, brain development and the promotion of successful sleep habits.  Please feel free to bring your infant with you to class! 

Toddler (12 - 36 months): 
You will be presented with evidence based research on toddler nutrition, nap schedules and discipline.  Getting your child ready for major milestones including preschool, potty training, brain development, behavioral changes and social interaction are the goals of this class.  Lots of changes happen in this 2 year window and our class will be your foundation for raising a thriving toddler.

Pre-School Class (3 years - 5 years): 
Mobility, asserted independence and exploration are under way! This class focuses on topics such as nutrition, napping, potty training, moving from the crib into a bed, preschool selection, social interaction and behavioral guidance.  Education, play, socializing, eating habits and developmental milestones are discussed.  Parents learn tools to guide their children through this discovery and transitional stage, while continuing to help build self-esteem.

Pre-K/Early Elementary Class (5 years - 7 years): 
Parents discuss early school experiences, family parenting styles, the struggle for power between parent and child, academic expectations, peer relationships and develop a variety of positive discipline strategies while respecting child's independence.  Sibling interaction and the family are discussed as well.

Continued Parenting Class (7 years & up): 
Parents discuss school experiences, family parenting styles, academic expectations, peer relationships and develop a variety of positive discipline strategies.  Parents will learn and discuss the various milestones and challenges of raising a child.  Topics might include school issues such as bullying, peer social relationships, drugs and making healthy choices but will vary based on the needs and composition of the class.